RIDGECREST M The City of Victorville, by Council Policy No. CP-88-2, requires that arterial streets, drainage, and “pocket” park areas be screened from residential developments by a masonry wall, per City standards. The City policy requires that the area between the wall and the adjacent sidewalk be landscaped. In addition, a method for the perpetual maintenance of the wall and landscaping must be adopted by either a Home Owner’s Association (HOA) or incorporated into the appropriate Landscape, Drainage or Maintenance Assessment District administered by the City.

When the development of a neighborhood in the community is identified to be a special benefit by certain improvements such as “pocket” park areas, landscaped sidewalks and paseo walkways and drainage facilities, property owners in the identified special benefit area are assessed to pay the costs of the continual maintenance of the special benefit improvements.

Each LMAD/DFAD/MAD is formed when a residential or commercial project is first developed pursuant to the Landscaping and Lighting Act of 1972 (the “1972 Act”). The “1972 Act” allows the City of Victorville to levy an annual assessment for the continual maintenance of the special benefit improvements to the property owners who reside within a landscape, drainage or maintenance district and the annual assessment is placed on the property owner’s tax bill.