General Information

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District Structure and Leadership

The District structure and leadership is detailed at District Structure & Leadership.

District Area Map 

For a map of the District service area, check out our District Service Area Map.  

Water Rate Study

View the latest Water Rate Study for the Victorville Water District.

Urban Water Management Plan

View the most recent Urban Water Management Plan for the Victorville Water District.

Water Shortage Contingency Plan 

View the most recent Water Shortage Contingency Plan for the Victorville Water District. 

Stormwater Protection Programs

To find out more ways to safely use the stormwater system and protect our waterways from common pollutants, visit the Mojave River Watershed Group or go to the San Bernardino County Stormwater Program.

Water Master Plan

To view the District's 2021 Water Master Plan, click on the links below:

Water Master Plan - Main Report

Appendix B - Model Calibration TM

Appendix C - Well Video Reports

Appendix D - Victorville Reservoir Inspection Reports

Appendix E - Recommended Improvement Areas Descriptions_2021

Appendix F - Large Scale Recommended Improvement Projects_200207

Appendix G - Water Age

Appendix H - Zone 3485 Booster Analysis TM

Appendix I - Recommended Improvement Projects Maps


For further information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.