SCLA Filming

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Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA) has long been an ideal location for filming everything from small independent productions, to high-end commercials, to major Hollywood blockbusters.  Location scouts are drawn to film at the SCLA because it offers a wide variety of airport facilities. Some of the old military facilities outside the airfield offer unique filming opportunities not commonly available.  Whether looking for hangar space for a large shot sequence, runway or taxiway access, a remote desert background, or a deserted urban area, the SCLA can accommodate most filming needs.  If interested in filming at the SCLA, first review our Film Fee Schedule, complete the SCLA's Film Permit Application and a City of Victorville Business License Application, or Contact us for assistance.

Many major motion pictures, television shows, and commercials have used Victorville and the SCLA as venues for filming, including:

     Movies       Television Episodes
  •  Tenet (2020)
  •  Hot Rod Garage (2018)
  •  Rampage (2017)
  •  Top Gear US (2015)
  •  Rebooting Civilization (2016)
  •  Germany's Next Top Model (2014)
  •  The Fast and The Furious–Tokyo Drift (2005) 
  •  Car Science (2011)
  •  Jarhead (2004)
  •  Jesse James: Outlaw Garage (2011)
  •  The Hulk (2002)
  •  JAG (1995)
  •  The Sum of All Fears (2001)
  •  The Good Girl (2001)
  •  Oceans 11 (2001)
  •  State Farm Insurance (2018)
  •  Space Cowboys (1999)
  •  Porsche (2017)
  •  The Base (1999 Video)
  •  Southwest Airlines (2016)
  •  Pushing Tin (1999)
  •  Southwest Airlines (2014)
  •  Breakdown (1997)
  •  Subaru (2014)
  •  Face/Off (1997)
  •  Ford Motors (2012)
  •  Contact (1997)
  •  Jaguar (2012)
  •  Twister (Sound Recording 1996)
  •  BMW
Photo Shoots
  •  FedEx
  •  Skyteam (2016)
  •  Energizer
  •  Orbis (2014)
  •  Gillette Razor
  •  Boeing (2010)
  •  Titleist Golf Balls

Southwest Airlines Heart Commercial

Southwest filmed its 2014 commercial campaign at the SCLA, taking advantage of the clear skies and impressive backdrops.


Tenet Crash Scene

The Tenet airport crash scene was filmed at the SCLA which included the building of a faux terminal to be crashed into by a real aircraft.