Aircraft Services

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The Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA) is a world-class aerospace services hub, providing aircraft owners and operators a myriad of aircraft services at one location.  Aircraft services are provided by the following SCLA tenants:

MillionAir Victorville is a premier, world class, Fixed Base Operator (FBO) that provides a vast array of aircraft services including: fuel, oil, oxygen, caterering, ground handling, flight planning, and flight crew amenities.  MillionAir Victorville  

Boeing AOG is an extension of the  fabled aircraft manufacture's larger facilities that performs specialized repairs, maintenance, and modifications on Boeing aircraft.  Boeing AOG also serves as a completion center for newly built aircraft requiring customized improvements.   Boeing AOG

General Electric Flight Test is the company's division that performs on-wing flight testing of various new aircraft engines using its Boeing 747-400 flying test bed.   GE Aviation

ComAv Technical Services is a multi-discipline Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) company that serves a broad range of airline and freight customers, operating diverse fleets.  ComAv Technical services performs heavy aircraft maintenance, letter checks, and aircraft modifications.  ComAv Technical Services

ComAv Asset Management provides aircraft owners and operators a full cadre of asset management services ranging from storage to part management to end-of-life cycle options.  Additionally, ComAv Asset Management carries an extensive inventory of used aircraft parts for sale.   ComAv Asset Management

IAC (International Aerospace Coatings) is a work leader in the aircraft painting industry.  With two wide body and two narrow body paint hangars at the SCLA, IAC serves major airlines, private and corporate aircraft owners, and Boeing painting both new aircraft and in-service aircraft.   IAC Victorville

CAVU Aerospace is an aircraft dismantling and part sales company that offers  end-of-life cycle solutions to aircraft owners.   CAVU Aerospace

First Class Air Support is another aircraft dismantling and part sales company that offers end-of-life cycle solutions to aircraft owners.   First Class Air Support

Aircraft Recycling Corporation is an aircraft dismantling and recycling company providing end-of-life cycle options to aircraft owners.  ARC Aerospace