Certificates of occupancy are required for all businesses operating within commercial and industrial locations within the City.  Businesses new to the City as well as existing business changing business name, business ownership type, business use, business location within the City, or square foot occupied all require a new certificate of occupancy.  The certificate of occupancy and business license should be applied for concurrently.

The certificate of occupancy process can be completed entirely online.  To obtain a new certificate of occupancy, follow these simple steps:

  1. Register for an online Citizen Access Portal(CAP) account (please allow up to 24 hours for account approval).
  2. Complete the Application for MDAQMD Clearance Form and submit to MDAQMD for approval.
  3. Complete the certificate of occupancy application online and upload the approved MDAQMD form with your application.
  4. Once your application is processed, you will be notified to pay your fees ($177.82) online through your CAP account.
  5. Go online to your CAP account to schedule inspections with the Building Division and Fire Department.

If your business is sharing office space with another business who holds a current business license and certificate of occupancy, your business may not need a certificate of occupancy.   If you believe your business is sharing space, please contact the Building Division at (760) 955-5100.