Are you ready to own a pet?

If you are thinking of welcoming a four-legged companion into your home on a long-term basis, you may want to “paws” and take this quiz from the Humane Society of the United States and see if you are ready to be a pet’s best friend.

For each question, choose the statement that best applies to you, and then score your response accordingly.

  1. My budget allows at least $500 per year to spend on a pet (5 pts)
  2. I can afford pet food and annual vet visits, but not much else (2 pts)
  3. I would have to borrow money for the pet adoption fee (-5 pts)
  1. I have lots of free time to spend with a pet (5 pts)
  2. I can squeeze in a few minutes a day (0 pts)
  3. I’m really busy and I’m rarely home (-5 pts)
  1. I can keep a pet for up to 20 years (5 pts)
  2. The next five years look good, but I’m not so sure after than (2 pts)
  3. I’m not sure where I’ll be living next year (-5 pts)

I want a pet because:

  1. Pets offer companionship and unconditional love (5 pts)
  2. Pets are good practice for having kids (2 pts)
  3. My kids are begging for a puppy (-5 pts)
  4. I love the dog in the hit movie/TV show (-10 pts)

When I travel:

  1. A trusted neighbor/relative lives nearby and can pet sit (5 pts)
  2. I can afford professional pet sitting services (5 pts)
  3. I’d probably board my pet at the local kennel (2 pts)
  4. My pet would be OK alone for a few days (-5 pts)

Before adopting a pet, you should be sure you are ready for the responsibility.

How did you score?

25-30 points: You are ready for a new pet. Visit your local animal shelters to find your new friend.

20-24 points: In most respects you are ready for a pet, but you may want to decide whether your lifestyle can meet the needs of an animal before you make your decision.

10-20 points: You may think this is the right time for a pet, but take a hard look to be sure you get the right pet. A gerbil, hamster or other small domestic mammal is probably a better choice than a dog.

Below 10: Now is not a good time to get a pet. Re-evaluate your situation in another year or two before making a decision you may regret.

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