Commercial Development

Victorville supports commercial development in the City and will work with you to bring your project from planning to reality.

Here are some of the online resources this site has to help expedite your project.

  • Zoning Information
    See where you can build your project in the City.
  • Municipal Code
    Learn about the ordinances for doing business in the City.
  • General Plan
    The City's general plan is now available online.
  • Master Plan
    The Parks and Facilities master plan is also available online.
  • Demographics
    See how Victorville has the ideal workforce and market for your business.
  • Permits and Applications
    All permits and applications are in one easy to find place.
  • Fees
    Development fees are calculated by the Development Department; however, we have an Excel spreadsheet that can help you estimate what your fees will be.
  • Touchtone Permits Guide
    The City of Victorville uses Touchtone Permits, an automated telephone service. With Touchtone Permits, you can schedule inspections, cancel inspections, get inspection results, and check plan review status 24/7. This guide provides all of the information and phone numbers you'll need to get started.
  • Victorville Community Contacts
    Here is a handy list of contact numbers for Victorville and the local community.