Existing Businesses

A pro-business community, Victorville makes every effort to help local businesses thrive. Victorville works in partnership with businesses to understand their operations, recognize their challenges, and help to ensure cost competitiveness and overall success.

As a function of that partnership, Victorville customizes various incentive programs that can include (but are not limited to) permit fast-tracking, employee home purchasing assistance, job training, Enterprise Zone tax credits, and a less-restrictive regulatory environment. The recent arrival of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, GE Aircraft Systems and Space Center Mira Loma speak volumes about the commitment Victorville has to area business

Victorville's business community has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. New additions include:

  • Certified Metals — metal fabricator
  • E.R.S. — heavy equipment operator
  • Flannery Company — book distributor
  • Global Access Communications — computer training & repair
  • Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company — international tire manufacturer
  • Great Springs Waters of America — bottled water distributor
  • High Desert Power Partners — power generators
  • K&S Metal Products & Repair — FAA-certified repair/manufacturing station/aircraft systems
  • KICS USA — stereo & event speakers
  • Kitchens Transportation, Inc. — trucking
  • Kleinfelder, Inc. — environmental engineers
  • Mercy Air Services — emergency helicopter service
  • Product Systems Engineering — computer chip service
  • Southern California Aviation — aircraft maintenance, storage & sales
  • Stoody — welding supply wholesale house
  • Sumiden Wire Products — stressed wire manufacturer
  • West Coast Aerospace — thread roll die manufacturer
  • World of Leisure — luxury pool table manufacturer