News & Events

Victorville is a place where things are always happening. If you're looking for the City Calendar or the latest news stories, this is the right place.

  • News Stories 
    This is where you can find an archive of the year's press releases and related stories.
  • City Calendar
    The Victorville City calendar shows when City Hall is open or closed. New dates and events will be added in the future. This interactive calendar lets you schedule email alerts, subscribe to an RSS feed, and integrate the events with your own calendar.
  • City Programs
    The City of Victorville provides several programs for the public, if you have questions about a City Program, this is the place to look.
    • Military Banner Program
      Recognizing the outstanding commitment and sacrifice from our men and women in uniform, the Victorville City Council voted unanimously to honor all Victorville residents serving in presidential decreed war zones.
    • Bright Lights Program
      Do you know someone making a difference in Victorville? A volunteer who faithfully visits the elderly? Someone who rescues abandoned animals? A coach or counselor or a business person who donates their services or products to others in need? If so, they are a candidate for the Bright Lights Program.
  • Images of Victorville
    Magazine featuring original photography and editorial content about life in Victor Valley, including feature videos.
  • Connections
    This brochure is meant to inform both local residents and potential business tenants about current and planned development at the Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA) in Victorville.