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Wellness Center Campus

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The Wellness Center Campus will provide a supportive, safe and stable environment for homeless persons and their families to receive life-changing services needed to break the cycle of homelessness and improve quality of life.  


The Wellness Center Campus will operate as a low-barrier, emergency shelter providing services to assist the homeless with income stabilization, community resources and housing navigation under one roof.  An onsite medical clinic will be available to the residents of the campus and the community.  The Wellness Center Campus accommodates 168 beds for individuals and families.  Case managers will be onsite to develop individualized service plans that include a successful exit strategy to stable housing.  Individuals will be connected to tools and resources to help break the cycle of homelessness.  


  • The campus will be located on approximately four acres of City-owned land
  • The Wellness Center Campus will provide:
  • Multiple restrooms & showers for men and women
  • Defined sleeping areas for individuals and families
  • Medical clinic
  • Medical evaluation rooms
  • Private interview rooms
  • Space for an industrial kitchen
  • Dining hall
  • Recreation/lounge area
  • Various office spaces
  • Storage & Kennel areas


Unlike traditional homeless shelter, occupants of the Wellness Center Campus will be able to remain in the center to work on their individualized case plans.  This unique and innovative campus design for interim housing allows occupants a level of privacy, comfort and security in their designated room or family unit. 


The City of Victorville has the second-highest concentration of homeless persons in all of San Bernardino County.  California's housing crisis has forced cities to address major social issues like homelessness without adequate resources and infrastructure to resolve the problem.  Cities are being sued in Federal Court for "punishing' or "criminalizing' the homeless and have to provide adequate shelter before they can truly address the issue of the homeless sleeping in public places.  In order to restore balance back to our community and public spaces like parks, libraries and recreation centers, we must have adequate shelter, beds and a collaborative solution to direct homeless person to resources and housing.


The City of Victorville plans to use City-owned land to construct a Wellness Center Campus using modular construction on nearly four acres.

  • A lead operator will be utilized to provide immediate shelter and recuperative care services.
  • The City will seek contingency and grant funds annually to help support operations of the Wellness Center Campus.
  • The City will continue to form strategic partnerships to further support operations.


The City is applying for various funding to help with the construction and operation of the Wellness Center Campus.

  • CDBG
  • NSP
  • ESG-CV+ Round 2
  • PLHA Grant ($600,000 grant awarded
  • HHAP Funds ($300,000 grant awarded)
  • Project Homekey (results pending/seeking $16.8 Million total for construction & operation)


The safety and security of residents and businesses is the City's primary goal.  This Wellness Center Campus will prove beneficial in providing life-changing resources necessary to drastically reduce homelessness and positively transition people back into society.


For additional information, please contact our Homelessness Solutions Coordinator, Cassandra Searcy at or (760) 955-5280.