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2016 Winning Essay by Diego LeComte

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Why Frederick Douglass Deserves A Monument

Frederick Douglass should be honored with a monument, because during the 1800s he fought for women’s right to vote, he was courageous, and he was an abolitionist.  These are all reasons why Frederick Douglass should get a monument, but it is important to consider the many accomplishments of Frederick Douglass and why he should be honored.

For instance, Frederick Douglass, was a “constant champion for the right of women to vote,” according to  Douglass spoke at the pioneer woman’s rights convention held at Seneca Falls, New York on July 1848.  He spoke at the convention even though he insisted that since it was at woman’s convention that a woman should speak.  Douglass gave a very powerful speech at the convention, but something that I thought was important was, “Give her fair play, and hands off. “  This was found on the website

Another reason why Frederick Douglass should get a monument is that he was an abolitionist.  According to, Frederick Douglass “Was the most important black leader of the 19th century.”  That is a bold statement, but a valid statement as well.  He gave a voice to the voiceless African-Americans at a time when it was hard for a black man to speak out at all.  Douglass spoke about his story in places like Massachusetts, and in doing so he was more vulnerable to be caught by his former slave owners.  So, he went to Ireland and Britain to escape from his former slave owners and speak about slavery.

One more reason why Frederick Douglass should get a monument is that he was courageous.  Courageousness is an important trait if you want to be a civil rights leader.  One act of Douglass’ courageousness was that he escaped from the Auld family (Frederick’s slave masters) to New York in 1883.  Douglass fought for women’s rights at a time when women were not respected, although white women were respected a little bit more than African-American women, but all women could not vote.  Even as a child Frederick was showing signs of courageousness, when he had learned to read as a slave.  His master’s wife had been teaching him the alphabet when it was illegal for people to teach slaves how to read.  According to, “he secretly taught himself to read and write by observing others and watching the4 white children in their studies.”

Fredrick Douglass should be honored with a monument because, he fought for women’s rights, was an abolitionist, and he was courageous.  During the time that Frederick lived, it was difficult for a black man to have accomplished the things that he did.  These qualities are suited for someone who has a monument honoring them.  Frederick Douglass deserves to be honored with a monument.

Submitted May 12, 2016