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Measure P Oversight Committee

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The Measure P Oversight Committee is currently accepting applications for the three vacant representative groups of clergy, non-profit social services provider and local major retail industry. The application process will remain open until the positions are filled. Please click on the Button below to submit your application.


On May 19, 2020, the City Council was presented with the Victorville Public Safety Plan, a comprehensive plan for improving public safety.  The City Council thoroughly reviewed the Public Safety Plan and on July 21, 2020 passed Resolution No. 20-065 ordering that the City of Victorville One Cent General Transaction and Use Tax Measure be submitted to the voters at the November 3, 2020 General Municipal Election. On October 6, 2020, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 20-083 establishing the Measure P Oversight Committee, subject to the approval of Measure P by the electorate. At the November 3, 2020 election, the electorate approved Measure P, enacting a one percent (1.0%) General Transaction and Use Tax, enabling the City to expand essential services and increase safety for Victorville’s growing population.

The Oversight Committee consists of seven (7) members, having one member, who serves in a current leadership role, selected from each of the following categories:
• Resident Member in Leadership of Local Major Retail Industry - Vacant
• Resident Member in Leadership of Local Chamber of Commerce - Mark Creffield 
• Resident Member in Leadership for Youth/Recreation - Jeremy Taylor
• Resident Member in Leadership of Clergy - Vacant
• Resident Member in Leadership of Non-Profit Social Services Provider -Vacant
• Resident Member in Leadership of Education - Michael Krause 
• Resident Member in Leadership of the Senior Community - Margaret Cooker 

Leadership role as indicated above shall be defined as an individual serving in an executive capacity or a board member capacity. In no event shall a committee member be a City of Victorville staff member.

Qualifications & Term
• Attend and participate in the minimum number of meetings held periodically (at least semi-annually). After having missed three consecutive meetings, the occupied seat shall automatically be deemed vacated.
• Be a United States Citizen, resident of Victorville and registered to vote in Victorville at the time of appointment. These requirements shall be maintained during the appointee’s service on this Committee.
• Be at least 18 years of age.
• Not have been convicted of a felony.
• Demonstrate abilities to understand and comply with City and Committee rules and regulations.
• Demonstrate to the selection committee the ability to perform the duties of the Committee.
• Resident of the City of Victorville for a minimum of two-years.
• May not be a City of Victorville staff member.

Review bylaws for term of office.

Roles and Responsibilities
• Review lists of proposed expenditures to be funded by Measure P and report to the City Council, not later than May 15 of each year for the upcoming budget year, its conformance or non-conformance with the intent of Measure P which is outlined in the May 2020 Public Safety Plan prior to being considered by the City Council.
• Periodically (at least semi-annually) review revenue, expenditure and other related reports and information produced by staff regarding Measure P; and provide a report to City Council on whether revenues were collected and expended as approved.
• Review annual independent accountant’s audit report on Measure P revenues and expenditures and provide appropriate report to the City Council.
• Every two years host a joint community forum with the City Council to provide a brief on service response and service levels and invite citizen participation about future service levels.
• To preserve the integrity and independence of the oversight process, committee members shall not play a role as a contractor for projects funded through revenue from Measure P.
• The Committee will be a Brown Act compliant body.

Application Process
Any person interested in being appointed to the Measure P Oversight Committee is asked to submit a completed application form that includes a summary of qualifications and explanation of their interest in serving on the committee.

Appointment Process
After the applicant has submitted their application, a selection committee consisting of the Mayor, Mayor Pro-Tem and the City Manager will review the applications for appointment. The selection committee will recommend committee members to the City Council for approval.

Inquiries regarding the Oversight Committee application and appointment process should be directed to Measure P Oversight Committee Representative.