Water Supply

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Know where your water comes from

The source of drinking water supply for the Victorville Water District is "groundwater", i.e. water which is naturally stored below the surface of the ground. Imagine a surface body of water underneath the ground, (water table). The Victorville Water District supplies this water to your home by drilling into the ground and withdrawing it using pumps (wells). The water is pumped into tanks above the ground. The water tanks store the water until there is a demand for it and then it is gravity fed through using water mains/pipes (the Distribution System). Water mains (Pipes) installed and maintained by the Water District are connected to these tanks  and buried underneath the ground. The water inside these pipes is under pressure and made available to our customers 24/7. Before the water is distributed to homes and businesses, it is disinfected with a small amount of chlorine.

The water which comes out of your faucet was made available to you this way: It was pumped out of the ground, disinfected, stored in a tank and then brought to your home by flowing through underground water mains underneath the street. A District service line ("Lateral") connects the water main to a water meter that serves water to your property. This water meter is usually located two feet outside the property line, near the sidewalk, and inside a concrete or plastic box, and usually is in line with the water spigot, (faucet). A customer service line (pipe) connects to the water meter and enters your property, carrying the water to your home.