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Billing Rates & Service Fees

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Rates and fees are established and charged so as to avoid any subsidies.  Customers who receive or have utility services made available are to pay the full cost of such service.  The Victorville Water District (the District) establishes fees and charges for services that have a nexus cost relationship to those services provided.  These fees, charges, and deposits are subject to change.

Employees and representatives of the District are not authorized to waive the charges, fees, rates, rules, regulations, or procedures as established by the ordinances and resolutions of the Victorville Water District or other applicable law.

Consumptive Rates



Consumptive Rates Per Hundred Cubic Foot
Single Family Residents (SFR)

Tier 1 (1-6 hcf)


Tier 2 (7+ hcf)

All other Customers


Standard Domestic Water (Non SFR)

Construction Flow Meter/Intertie/Fire



Well (Untreated) Water

Reclaimed/Recycled Water






Periodic Availability Charge

Service Charge

Meter Size


.75 inch


1 inch


1.5 inch


2 inch


3 inch


4 inch


6 inch


8 inch


> 8 inch


To review the water billing rates and service fees, a detailed summary of all charges can be found here.

The Engineering Department also has associated fees and charges that may pertain to a water development project.