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Water FAQs

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  • What is Proposition 218 and why does it impact LMAD/DFAD/MADs?
  • What do my LMAD/DFAD/MAD Assessments Fees Pay For?
  • Who performs the maintenance of the LMAD/DFAD/MAD?
  • What are the special benefits of being in an LMAD/DFAD/MAD?
  • How is the LMAD/DFAD/MAD funded?
  • How is the LMAD/DFAD/MAD Administered?
  • How many LMAD/DFAD/MAD are in Victorville?
  • What is LMAD/DFAD/MAD?
  • Who can test backflow prevention assemblies?
  • Who is required to have a backflow prevention assembly?
  • What is a backflow prevention assembly?
  • How can backflow be prevented?
  • What is a cross-connection?
  • What causes backflow?
  • What is Backflow?
  • Can I pay my Water or Trash bill online?
  • How can I keep my lines from bursting in cold weather?
  • How do I check for leaks?
  • I think my meter might be broken. What do I do?
  • My water pressure seems to be low. What do I do?
  • What is SB 998?
  • When does SB 998 take effect?
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