General Gas Service Information

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Notice VMA-112

Victorville Municipal Utility Services (VMUS) owns, operates, and maintains the gas facilities up to and including the service regulator and gas meter. VMUS will install the natural gas meter outside, in a well-ventilated area, where it will be reasonably safe from street traffic and readily accessible for reading, testing, and inspection. Only VMUS employees or contractors authorized/qualified by VMUS may work on VMUS natural gas facilities.

Natural Gas service will only be initiated after the complete installation and final acceptance of the gas distribution system, and following verification of the customer-provided certificate of inspection for all plumbing, piping, and appliances on the outlet side of the service meter.

The customer is responsible for all plumbing, piping and appliances, including maintenance of the pipe from the meter to the individual gas appliances, and any buried pipe after the meter. If the buried pipe is not properly maintained, it may be subject to the potential hazards of corrosion and leakage. Buried pipe should be periodically inspected for leaks and corrosion if the piping is metallic and repaired if any unsafe condition is found.

When excavating near buried gas piping, the piping should be located in advance, and the excavation done by hand. Only qualified service providers should be used for making installations, repairs, and/or alterations on the gas appliances or pipes located after the meter.

By signing the Natural Gas Service Application, the customer agrees:

  • To grant VMUS, and/or its authorized/qualified contractors, rights of ingress and egress as may be necessary for the purpose of furnishing service to the premises.
  • To refrain from placing any permanent obstructions over the service line, and/or covering or enclosing the meter in any manner that will inhibit emergency access.
  • To refrain from removing or damaging any pipeline warning signs put in place by VMUS for the purpose of public safety.
  • To advise VMUS of the location of any underground facilities located on the property (sprinkler systems, septic tanks, etc.) which are not otherwise marked by underground facility owners.
  • To hold VMUS harmless for any unintentional or unavoidable damage to landscaping, shrubbery, etc., that may occur while finishing service to the premises, inclusive of emergency access to gas facilities.

A complete copy of the VMUS Gas Service Rules, Regulations and Rate Schedules can be found here.

Any questions concerning this notice should be directed to VMUS customer service at (760) 243-6340 or by email at