Excess Flow Valve Option

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Notice VMA-110

As required by the U.S. Department of Transportation Minimum Pipeline Safety Regulations, Victorville Municipal Utility Services (VMUS) extends to each of its natural gas customers the opportunity to have an Excess Flow Valve (EFV) installed on a new or replacement natural gas service line.

An EFV is designed to restrict the flow of natural gas should it sense a sudden excess flow of natural gas down stream of the device, such as caused by a rupture of the service line between the mainline and the customer meter assembly. Restricting gas flow caused by a line break or failure of the service line may decrease the potential for property damage and/or injury. However, installation of an EFV will not protect against small leaks, such as those located on the customer-owned line or appliances, and may potentially shut off gas supply under heavy system demand, such as under severe weather conditions.

Installation of the EFV is not mandatory.The regulations provide that the full cost to maintain and/or replace the EFV shall be born by the customer for the life of the natural gas service line. It is not known how long the EFV will last, how often it may be activated requiring maintenance, or when it may need to be replaced. Each customer will be required to select an option regarding installation of the EFV on the Natural Gas Service Application.

Should the customer opt to have an EFV installed, the customer is agreeing to pay all future maintenance costs associated with the EFV. These include, but are not limited to, excavation costs, repair or replacement costs, and restoration costs. The cost to install an EFV starts at approximately $4,000 and can vary widely depending on size, site conditions and other factors.  Additionally, in the event that the customer sells the property, it is the customer’s responsibility to disclose in writing to the new owner that an EFV has been installed on the gas service line. This disclosure must contain all of the customer’s responsibilities for the EFV.

Existing customers who desire an EFV and whose connected load exceeds 1,000 standard cubic feet per hour may request to have an EFV installed on their service line.  If you choose to have an EFV installed VMUS will schedule the installation at a mutually agreeable date. 

Any tenant customer opting to have an EFV installed must provide VMUS with written consent from the property owner specifically acknowledging receipt of this notice (VMA-110). By authorizing a tenant to have an EFV installed, the property owner assumes all responsibilities/liabilities outlined above.

If you have any questions concerning this notice, please contact our offices at (760) 243-6340 or by email at UtilityServices@victorvilleca.gov.