Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Procurement Plan

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The California Renewable Portfolio Standard Program (“RPS” or “RPS Program”) was established by Senate Bill (“SB”) 1078, and has been subsequently modified by SB 107, SB 1036, SB   2-1X, and SB 350 set forth new RPS requirements applicable to publicly owned utilities (“POU”).  VMUS, as a POU, must comply with the RPS Program.  

The RPS Program requires California’s electric utilities and other retail sellers to procure eligible renewable energy resources (“ERRs”) so that the amount of electricity generated from eligible renewable resources equals or exceeds a specified percentage of the total electricity sold to retail customers in California.


Eligible Renewable Energy Resources


Fuel cells using renewable fuels

Ocean wave, ocean thermal, and tidal current





Hydroelectric incremental generation from efficiency improvements

Small hydroelectric (30 megawatts or less)

Conduit hydroelectric

Landfill gas

Solar thermal electric

Digester gas

Municipal solid waste



RPS Requirements

 The CEC Regulations impose four future multi-year compliance periods, followed by multi-year compliance periods:

Compliance Period

RPS Procurement Obligation (% of retail sales)

(3) January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2020

33% by December 31, 2020

(4)-January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2024

44% by December 31, 2024

(5)- January 1, 2025 – December 31, 2027

52% by December 31, 2027

(6)- January 1, 2028 – December 31, 2030

60% by December 31, 2030

All Subsequent Multi-Year Periods



Resolution: Resolution NO.20-105 - RPS PLAN

Complete RPS: VMUS RPS Procurement Plan (CP-3)