VMUS Energy Efficiency Program

The Victorville Municipal Utility Services (VMUS) Energy Efficiency (EE) Program
outlines the parameters for customers to receive incentives and rebates for the installation
of eligible energy savings measures, equipment or systems, and for VMUS to receive
direct funding for eligible projects that benefit VMUS customers through improved
safety, system integrity, energy efficiency, conservation and/or research and development

EE Program payments to customers are based on expected energy savings, while
funding for utility-side projects is based on actual project costs. The EE Program is
funded by Public Purpose Program surcharges billed and collected in accordance with the
VMUS Electric Service Rate Schedules and Gas Service Rate Schedules.  

A complete copy of the EE Program can be found here

To apply, please complete the EE Program Application and return it to VMUS Customer Service by email or fax at:

  • Fax: (760) 269-0039

Energy Efficiency Program Categories:

  • Energy Audits
  • Lighting Incentives
  • Construction Incentives
  • Custom Energy Efficiency Incentives
  • City Facilities 
  • Utility-Side Projects/Activities