Bus Shelter Advertising

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Reach thousands of Victor Valley potential customers on a daily basis by advertising on a Bus Stop Shelter through BAP, the Business Advertising Partnership.

The Bus Shelter Advertising program is strictly supported by the sales of advertisements on bus shelters located within the City with highly visible panels.  The revenue is based on the amounts of sales annually with expenditures not exceeding the amount of sales.

Figure Out a Budget

BAP Figure out a Budget

 Monthly Rates Per Location, Per Slide
 Contract  Monthly Rate  Total
 1 Month  $325  $325
 3 Months  $315  $945
 6 Months  $295  $1,770
 9 Months  $275  $2,475
 12 Months  $250  $3,000

 Please add $50 for each individual board, per slide, for installation.

BAP Advertisements prices above are for the space only. Client must provide ready-to-install advertisement. Please see art preparation guidelines before providing final boards. 

Please refer to City of Victorville BAP Advertising Terms & Conditions for more information. 

Reserved space must be paid in full at time of contract. Make checks payable to the City of Victorville. 

For more information, please call the City of Victorville BAP Program/Public Works Dept at (760) 955-5217 or email rratliff@victorvilleca.gov.

Select a Location

BAP Select a Location 


1 Amargosa/BV Park & Ride E
2 Bear Valley/Cottonwood
3 Bear Valley/Balsam
4 Bear Valley/11th
5 Bear Valley/7th
6 Bear Valley/5th
7 Bear Valley/2nd
8 Bear Valley/Hesperia
9 Hesperia Rd./Bear Valley
10 Hesperia Rd./Silica
11 Hesperia Rd./Comanche
12 Hesperia Rd./Nisqualli
13 Nisqualli/Hesperia Rd N
14 Amargosa/Anacapa W
15 Amargosa/Anacapa E
16 Park Ave./Palmdale
17 Valley Center/Outer 7th
18 Civic Drive
19 7th/Tatum
20 7th/Circle
21 7th/Westside
22 7th/Forrest
23 Lorene/Route 50
24 Lorene/Route 50X
25 Lorene/Route 55
26 Lorene/Route 31
27 Lorene/Route 52
Pick a Start Date & Duration
Design & Print Your Ad(s)

Design and print your ad!

The advertisement copy should be of high quality resolution. The overall final trimmed size of the board is 46” wide x 673/4 ” tall. We recommend a minimum of 540 dpi on 4mm Bright White Corrugated Plastic.

When preparing your art, we suggest you leave one inch on each side for bleed to for printer, to avoid trimming the image.

Please contact the printer of your choice to find out which file types they will accept or the City of Victorville can assist you with this process.

Final printed ready to install ads should arrive a minimum of seven business days before scheduled installation date. Deliver to: City of Victorville Public Works Dept., 14177 McArt Rd, Victorville, CA 92392. Deliveries are accepted Mon-Thurs between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. For more information, please call (760) 955-5217.

Please refer to City of Victorville BAP Terms and Conditions for more information. All ads must include statement: “The views expressed in this advertisement do not necessarily reflect the views of the City of Victorville or the Victorville Transit Authority.”

Terms & Conditions


1. The Advertiser or Advertising Agency agrees and understands that by execution of this agreement, advertising space has been reserved for his/her/or Agency advertising in a City of Victorville bus stop shelter ad panel. In the event that the Advertiser or Advertising Agency does not deliver the necessary materials herein to the City by the deadline provided in this contract, the Advertiser or Advertising Agency will not have material installed on the scheduled date and the space will become available to other advertisers.

2. The Advertiser or Advertising Agency agrees to comply with the advertising specifications as set forth by the City. Cost of installation is included in the fee schedule,however, graphic design and printing services will result in an additional fee.

3. All advertising must be in compliance with the City of Victorville property advertising policy and must be approved and signed off by the City of Victorville before production of the advertisement. Please see attachment.

4. The City of Victorville does not accept advertisements that contain political,religious, sexual,violent,alcohol, or drug-related messages. The policies can be viewed at Victorville City Hall Public Works Department, 14343 Civic Drive, Victorville,CA 92393, or online at www.victorvilleca.gov. The City reserves the right to reject any and all advertisement requests.

5. All advertisements must include the following:
“The views expressed in this advertisement do not necessarily reflect the views of the City of Victorville or the Victor Valley Transit Authority.”
(Required font Aerial and size 10 points.)

6. The advertisement should be of high quality resolution due to the size of the advertisement. The overall size of the advertisement should be 673/4” x 46”,but the area that is visible to the audience is 66” x 44”. We recommend 4mm Corrogated Plastic Boards. Contact a printer of your choice for the file types they will accept.

7. Advertisement space must be purchased on monthly increments.There is a$50 mounting fee per advertisement. Non-profits and government agencies are eligible for a 15% discount off of the regular rate (Not valid in conjunction with any other discounts or offers.Special Bulk rates are available)

8. A deposit to secure the selected ad panel is due upon signing the advertising contract. Failure to submit the remaining balance as agreed upon in the contract will result in possible forfeiture and removal of the advertisement.

9. For every advertisement on display for only one month, full payment is required in advance and must be paid to the City of Victorville before the day the advertisement is delivered to the City for installation.

10. For every advertisement on display for more than one month increment, a deposit equal to one increment is required. Succeeding payments must be received by the City of Victorville,one week before the next month commences. You will not be invoiced by the City of Victorville and you will be responsible for timely submittal of payment.

11. It is the business Advertiser’s/ or Advertising Agency’s responsibility to deliver ads at least 7 business days before the installation date to the City of Victorville Public Works Department, at 14177 McArt Rd, Victorville,CA 92392.

12. Loss of display service due to failure to furnish advertisements is the fault of the Advertiser or Advertising Agency.
Installation delay on the City’s part is not a breach of contract and shall result in pro rata credit or service extension.

13. Should the Advertiser’s or Advertising Agency’s panel be damaged, defaced, mutilated or spoiled by reason of storm, vandalism, ordinary wear and tear, removal, or any other cause, or if lost or stolen, replacement copy shall be furnished by the Advertiser or Advertising Agency upon the City’s request, without liability or expense to the City.

14. The Advertiser or Advertising Agency assumes full and complete responsibility and liability for the content of all advertising copy submitted and displayed pursuant to this contract. Advertiser shall indemnify and hold harmless the City from and against any and all liability claims and/or litigation, and for related costs and damages to which it may be subjected, and as a result of the advertising material displayed for any reason or basis.

15. The Advertiser or Advertising Agency agrees that if the City shall cease to have the right to display advertising copy in or on any of the location(s) included in this contract, the City shall have the right to discontinue display service at said location(s), without prejudice to this Contract as to the remainder. In such case, the Advertiser or Advertising Agency shall be given credit pro rata for the omitted service.

16. The City shall not be liable for any damages for any failure to display an advertisement. Advertiser’s or Advertising Agency’s sole remedy for failure by the City to display advertising shall be a prorated refund of the cost of such advertising.

17. The City of Victorville shall not be held responsible for unused advertisement or copy.

18. This contract is not assignable by the advertiser or Advertising Agency, nor may the subject of the advertising be changed.

19. If this is a renewal or extension display agreement, it is agreed that the display shall have been considered to have been installed on the day immediately following the expiration of the previous display agreement.

20. Advertiser or Advertising Agency is to provide succeeding payments at least one week before the scheduled removal date.

21. Failure to submit payment for renewals and extensions shall be considered a cancellation of contract and will result in the scheduled ad panel advertisement or copy removal.

22. The City reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time upon default by the Advertiser or Advertising Agency in payment or other breach, or in the event of any material violation on the part of the advertiser. Upon cancellation, all advertising fees incurred here under will be due and non-refundable.

23. Either party may cancel this contract for any reason without prejudice after completion of any month’s service by giving at least thirty days written notice.

24. No changes or additions to these stated Terms and Conditions shall be binding on the City and any attempt to alter these Terms shall be treated as a request only.