The Traffic Division of the Engineering Department performs and provides services in a variety of professional and technical level traffic and transportation engineering tasks including: traffic (flow/congestion/collision) analysis, system planning, design and operation of traffic control systems and other miscellaneous traffic/transportation related duties as required. 

If more detailed information is needed in regards to the duties of the Traffic Division of the Engineering Department refer to the list shown below.

* Please note that if any type of work is to be performed in the public right-of-way, including City funded projects, traffic control plans, conforming to the latest version of Cal Trans' California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, must be submitted to the Traffic Engineer for approval. 

Tasks and Duties 

  • Citizen concerns/requests - respond , conduct traffic investigations
  • Speed zone surveys - determine speed limits
  • Traffic Count Program - for arterial streets and intersections
  • Accidents monitoring- traffic collision database
  • Traffic Advisory Committee - reviews new signals, stop signs, speed zones, parking zones, policies, etc.
  • Traffic policies - review and recommend changes through Traffic Advisory committee and City Council
  • School area safety - participate with school to improve safety, recommend changes in signing , striping, and traffic control devices
  • Traffic signals- signal timing modifications and new signals
  • Traffic signal coordination systems - monitor and adjust timing - Bear Valley Road, Palmdale Road, 7th Street, and Roy Rodgers Drive
  • Traffic Control Plans - review for construction activity.
  • Oversize load permits -restrict routes and time of travel
  • Development review - conditions of approval , site access, circulation, plan check for signing , striping, and traffic signals
  • Traffic studies - review for impacts and required mitigation such as new traffic signals
  • Congestion Management Program (CMP) - monitor and mitigate congested roads
  • City traffic forecast model - determines number of lanes for roads and intersections for master-planned streets
  • General plan circulation map - recommend changes for future needs