Standards / Design Manuals & Guidelines

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City of Victorville Standard Specifications  for Public Improvements (Rev. 01/16/19) - A paper copy is available at the Engineering desk in City Hall for $25 plus tax.  

City of Victorville Standard Drawings for Public Improvements (Rev. 05/13/19)

City of Victorville Street Design Standards - provides the requirements for the different street classifications and curb return radii.  

Grading Plan Requirements

Victorville Water District Approved Materials List (Rev 05/14/2019)

Storm Water Management Plan - Post construction best management practices must conform to this.

San Bernardino County Hydrology Manual - This is the adopted hydrology manual for the City.  

Preliminary Hydrology Report Guidance 

Model Water Quality Management Plan Guidance - The purpose of the Model Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP) is to guide the Permittees that have land-use planning and development authority, in the development and implementation of a program to minimize the detrimental effects of urbanization on the beneficial uses of receiving waters, including effects caused by increased pollutant loads and changes in hydrology.

WQMP Checklist & Forms

Tentative Map - Presubmittal Checklist 

Trench Resurfacing and Repair (Rev 06/11/18) - This is to preserve the integrity of new streets and forestall deterioration by preventing water intrusion, differential settlement and multiple cuts that are often associated with street patching.