Standards & Design Manuals

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City of Victorville Standard Specifications  for Public Improvements (Rev. 01/16/19) - A paper copy is available at the Engineering desk in City Hall for $25 plus tax.  

City of Victorville Standard Drawings for Public Improvements (Rev. 01/22/19)

City of Victorville Street Design Standards - provides the requirements for the different street classifications and curb return radii.  

Victorville Water District Approved Materials List (Rev 12-10-2018)

Storm Water Management Plan - Post construction best management practices must conform to this.

San Bernardino County Hydrology Manual - This is the adopted hydrology manual for the City.  

Model Water Quality Management Plan Guidance - The purpose of the Model Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP) is to guide the Permittees that have land-use planning and development authority, in the development and implementation of a program to minimize the detrimental effects of urbanization on the beneficial uses of receiving waters, including effects caused by increased pollutant loads and changes in hydrology.

Trench Resurfacing and Repair (Rev 06/11/18) - This is to preserve the integrity of new streets and forestall deterioration by preventing water intrusion, differential settlement and multiple cuts that are often associated with street patching.