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SB 330 Housing Preliminary Application

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Preliminary Application

Through January 1, 2025, SB 330 allows eligible housing development projects to submit a “preliminary application” - a questionnaire and checklist of required materials which, when deemed submitted shall have the effect of “locking-in” (vesting) the development requirements, standards, and fees in place at the time of determination. Thereafter, the City is prohibited from applying new ordinances, policies, standards and/or fee increases to the development. The preliminary application is available HERE. A hard copy of the completed preliminary application along with a USB Flash Drive with all required documents in PDF format shall be submitted to the Planning Department for review.

Following review of the preliminary application, Planning Department staff will provide either correspondence listing any missing materials and/or information, or a confirmation that the application is “deemed submitted.” Once the latter determination is made, an application or applications (as applicable) for required permits must be submitted to the City within 180 days. Note that if an applicable housing development project is revised following a determination of “deemed submitted” - and where the proposed number of residential units or square footage of construction changes by 20 percent or more - the applicant would lose its “deemed submitted” determination (and all allowances and protections afforded pursuant to SB 330), until the preliminary application is resubmitted to reflect the amended design.