The Planning Division oversees various land use permits and regulations within the City of Victorville.  The various permits and online applications are available above.


If you are simply wanting to check the zoning of your property, please use our online zoning checker.

Pre-Submittal Application

Our Pre-Submittal Application process is a informal application (free) that allows projects or proposals to receive feedback from the City of Victorville prior to a formal application. Our staff meets weekly to review pre-submittal proposals. Once your proposal is submitted online, we will set up a meeting time to review the project with you.


If you have questions we are available during regular business hours, Monday through Thursday from 7:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. at the Planning Department counter, or  please contact us at 760-955-5135 or via email at

Understanding the Development Process

The Planning Division is usually the first stage in the City's review process of development projects. During this phase a determination will be made whether or not the proposal can be reviewed at staff level or requires further public review at the Planning Commission and City Council level.  As an example, the following flow chart provides the standard review process of a project that requires Planning Commission review, from the initial Pre-Submittal Application to completion of construction.

Development Flowchart

Development Flowchart


This site has been prepared as an aid and does not represent the development review of all projects. The flow chart is an attempted to visually explain a specific process without overwhelming the user.  This site is not the final word and City staff should be consulted throughout the process. Further, not all projects are subject to steps within this site.