Annual Fire Inspections

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The safety of our valued residents and businesses is of the highest priority to your Victorville Fire Department.  In a continued effort to support our local businesses and ensure public safety, the Victorville Fire Department conducts annual inspections of businesses located within the City.  This annual inspection aims to ensure local businesses are operating safely and are in compliance with required State Fire Codes.  Fire inspections are conducted annually for all commercial businesses (and some residential businesses such as family day care facilities) in the city of Victorville.  

In order to most efficiently and conveniently make this service available, the annual inspection and annual operational fees are included with your business license application, and annually thereafter with your business license renewal.   

Additionally, any business operations that are considered hazardous, simply as a result of the normal business operation and use of the building, will also receive inspection for those hazards and be issued an annual operational permit for each type identified.