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Western Joshua Tree Development Advisory

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In an effort to be as cautious as possible, and in light of all that is being revealed about the spread of COVID-19, the City of Victorville initially decided to suspend inspections on most projects unless deemed essential by Federal, State, or local guidelines.  While this process has continued to evolve, our staff has worked continuously to find solutions that would allow projects to continue, including inspections performed using video technology as well as performing the inspections in buildings while unoccupied.  While our first priority is the health and safety of our workforce and the public that we serve, we do also recognize the need to keep projects on track as well as keeping the construction industry moving forward.  With that in mind, and the knowledge that we have gained since initiating these measures, we have decided to allow inspections to resume for new construction projects under the following conditions:

  1. Inspectors may not enter buildings that are occupied by ANY other people.  This will need to be arranged in advance by an on-site superintendent ahead of the inspector’s arrival, as we will not facilitate the removal of any workers or other occupants.
  2. Inspectors will be equipped with personal protective equipment and are instructed to abide by all social distancing guidelines. 
  3. Please be mindful that it’s very likely we won’t be able to conduct inspections within the normal 24-hour timeline as staff time is prioritized to reducing the spread of COVID-19. Please be patient with inspection staff, and keep in mind that we have new duties during this time.

These requirements are the responsibility of the on-site superintendent.  If these requirements are not met, the inspector will leave the site without performing the inspection.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but please understand that these requirements are in line with all COVID-19 precautionary guidelines and will provide the highest level of protection for our staff as well as anyone performing work on a jobsite.  Feel free to contact the Building Division at (760) 955-5100 with any questions regarding these procedures.


The City's Permit Center provides information for developers, contractors, and property owners alike. 

In general, all permitted projects follow the same process:

  1. Obtain the proper permit for the job
  2. Prepare plans for the job (according to current codes and standards)
  3. Have the plans reviewed and approved by the Development Department
  4. Pay the appropriate development fees
  5. Construct the project according to the approved plans
  6. Have the construction inspected and approved by the Development Department