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Common Code Violations

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Below are common violations that you may see near your home or business. 

Residential Areas

  • Accumulation of trash and debris.
  • Overgrown, dead or decayed vegetation and/or lack of weed abatement. 
  • Lack of front yard landscape maintenance.
  • Inoperative vehicles on private property (driveways and front yard areas).
  • Parking on landscaped areas of front yards.
  • Recreational vehicle parking beyond the front plane of the house, in front of a two car garage, extending into the sidewalk and/or on the street. 
  • Broken windows, dilapidated fences and/or other structural components requiring repair.
  • Unsecured structures.
  • Lack of hot and cold running water.
  • Infestation of vermin and rodents.
  • Electrical, gas and plumbing components requiring repair.
  • Repair and/or restoration of vehicles related to a business.
  • Excessive garage/yard sales.
  • Illegal dumping.
  • Green/stagnant and/or unsecured swimming pool.
  • Plumbing/sewage overflows.
  • Working without building permits (room additions, patios, pools, garage conversions).
  • Abandoned shopping carts.
  • Graffiti.


  • Need help with a landlord/tenant problem? Contact the Inland Fair Housing and Mediation Board at (800) 321-0911 or visit their website.

Commercial Areas

  • Lack of maintenance of landscaped parking areas.
  • Unpermitted permanent and/or temporary signs.
  • Accumulation of trash and/or overflowing trash containers.
  • Operation of a business without an issued Business License or Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Hot food street vendors.
  • Illegal dumping.
  • Homeless encampments. 
  • Storage of inoperative vehicles and/or commercial vehicles.
  • Unpermitted physical expansions of business operations.
  • Excessive noise.