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Out-of-City Businesses

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Thank you for your interest in conducting business in the City of Victorville!  The following information will assist you with the application process through issuance of your Business License.

  • If your business address is located outside Victorville city limits, but you have business to be conducted within city limits, you must obtain a City of Victorville Business License prior to conducting business.  A Business License must be applied for online through our Citizen Access Portal.  
  • Applications are processed in the order they were received and as quickly as possible.  Business Licenses may be issued the same day (depending on the business type).  Ensuring you have the proper requirements submitted, including a very detailed description of your business activity, as well as all document copied submitted will speed up the processing time.

Application Checklists

Below are Application Checklists of requirements for each business type.  To see a full description of each business type, click here.

Each Checklist contains a cover sheet with important information to understand prior to applying for a Business License, how to register online and how to apply for a Business License online.  The second page is a checklist with specific requirements for that business type; including the associated fees, required forms to be completed and information on what documents are required to be submitted with the application to assist you in the application process.  

Please select an Application Checklist from the following:

Out-of-City Retail/Service/Administrative/Manufacturing/Professional Application Checklist

Out-of-City Contractor Application Checklist

Out-of-City Entertainment/Amusement Application Checklist 

Out-of-City Vehicles For Hire NEMT/Taxi/Limo/Etc Application Checklist 

Out-of-City Solicitor/Vendor/Ice Cream Truck Application Checklist

Out-of-City Firearms/Pawnshops/Etc Application Checklist

Out-of-City Massage Application Checklist

Out-of-City Medicinal Cannabis Delivery Services Application Checklist


Some specialty license require additional information, please select an application from the following:

Out-of-City Vehicles For Hire NEMT/Taxi/Limo/Etc Application

Out-of-City Solicitor/Vendor/Ice Cream Truck Application

Out-of-City Massage Application

Out-of-City Medicinal Cannabis Delivery Services Application

Additional Application Forms

Tax Exemption Form 

Solicitors/Peddlers List 

Drivers/Vehicles List 

Masseuse List