Animal Care, Humane Education, and Community Outreach

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Animal Care

Providing the best possible care to your animal will insure it lives a long prosperous life that can be enjoyed by all. Being a responsible pet owner involves substantial time, effort, and responsibility. Be sure to fully evaluate your ability to provide a pet with all that is necessary before making that leap to adopt. Some animals require more time and energy than others, but in all cases be prepared to provide the animal with the following:

  1. Access to food and based on dietary need;
  2. Access to water and shelter at all times (they need water just like us and they need to escape from the hot and cold temperatures of the High Desert);
  3. Affection and attention, including toys used to enrich their lives while you may be away; and, most importantly,
  4. Unconditional love!

Humane Education

To request to have one of your Animal Care and Control officers come to your school or educational program, complete the public education request form.

Free Spay & Neuter Clinics

Check back for more clinics soon.

Community Outreach

We are always looking for ways to improve upon the services we provide. If you have suggestions, email us.

Low Cost Vaccination Clinics

We offer low cost vaccinations twice annually, typically in April and October. Get more information on the next vaccination clinic.