Supplier/Vendor lists

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Supplier/Vendor Lists

The Purchasing Division maintains lists of suppliers for all classes of commodities and services which are regularly purchased by the City. To be placed on a list, it is necessary to complete our Vendor Application and return it to the Purchasing Division. Submitting a completed application does not guarantee that a vendor will be personally notified every time a quotation or bid is taking place. Sealed bids, however, are publicly advertised, in local, regional newspapers and on the City’s Official Site, in the Purchasing Division Home Page.

Although all departments have access to the Vendor List, neither Purchasing nor the departments are limited exclusively to the list and have the ability to utilize any appropriate vendor considered to be in the best interest of the City.

Acting under the authority of the City Council, City Manager’s office, and the Director of Finance, Purchasing is the vendor’s contact point for all bid submittals (with the exception of Engineering Bids). Failure to respond to three consecutive bid or quote invitations may result in removal from the Vendor List. Every two years, the lists will be purged of those vendors that have not responded to any invitation to bid. This does not bar the vendor, however, from bidding on any publicly advertised bids or request for quote. If a vendor wishes to continue on the Vendor List, they are encouraged to reapply accordingly.