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BrianHi—my name is Brian Gengler. I've been with the City of Victorville for 5 years - first as the City Traffic Engineer and later promoted to Assistant City Engineer where I oversee the Traffic Division of the Engineering Department. I'm a member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers and a registered professional Traffic Engineer. Overall, I have about 20 years of experience working for cities and I've been a registered civil engineer since 1989.


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My question concerns a road sign on Palmdale Rd. in Victorville. Right before Amethyst going west and right after Amethyst going east is a sign for a Greenwood road. I have never seen the road and wonder if there really is a Greenwood Road or is it just a mistake?

Jeanette Beaman 

Brian's Answer:

Palmdale Road is State Route 18, operated by Caltrans. There is no public road named Greenwood that connects to Palmdale Road. Caltrans should be contacted about the signs.

I hope this answers your question, Jeanette. Thanks for asking.


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