For Residents

When you're new to an area - or even if you've been in town for awhile, it's always nice to have a place where you can find out basic information about the City. This section has information about:

ADA Compliance & Accessibility

Arts & Entertainment

Find out more about arts and entertainment options in the City.

City Programs

The City of Victorville provides several programs for the public, if you have questions about a City Program, this is the place to look.

Hospitals and Medical Providers

This page lists all of the Hospitals and Medical Providers in the Victorville.

How do I...

This section has answer to commonly asked questions. Before you call City Hall, check this page.


This page lists all of the schools that serve Victorville.

Public Transportation

Public Utilities

This page lists the companies that provide utility service to residents of Victorville.

Water Conservation

This is where you'll find information on xeriscaping, a recommended plant list, and other resources to help you conserve water.