Starting or Ending Water/Sanitation or Trash Service

To Start Service...

Call 760.955.5001 during our normal business hours, or download our acrobatService Application and follow the instructions on the form. Complete and sign the acrobatActivation Waiver if you will not be present when a VWD representative comes to connect your water service.

To Stop Service....

Call 760.955.5001 during our normal business hours, or download our !Stop Service form and follow the instructions on the form.

!Rates and Fees Here's where you can find information on water rates and fees including account initiation and deposits.

Property Owner Responsibility for Water and Sanitation Charges:  Please note that property owners are responsible for all water charges and sanitation fees, even when the account is assigned to a tenant or occupant. 

Establishing Service For Owners:  Property owners wishing to establish service are required to fill out an application, provide photo ID, and pay applicable start-up fees and deposits.  In addition, any unpaid liens or charges for water or sanitation service in the name of the property owner will need to be paid in full prior to the establishment of service.  Also, any unpaid fees or charges from accounts that were assigned to tenants at the request of the owner will need to be paid before service will be started.     

Bills to Tenants, Property Managers, or other Assignees:  Bills for water/sanitation service may be sent to an Assignee upon the owner’s request.  However, the property owner remains responsible for all water and sanitation fees for services rendered to the property, even if the property owner assigned the billing to a tenant or another person.  To establish service in the name of an Assignee, the owner must fill out a service application (or have a previous application for service on file with the City/District), provide photo ID, provide a copy of the contract/agreement with the Asignee, and fill out the acrobatOwner Acknowledgement form.  In addition, the Assignee must complete an application, provide photo ID, and pay all applicable start up fees and deposits.  Any unpaid water or sanitation bills in the name of the owner or Assignee must be paid in full, prior to the establishment of a new account.  In addition, if there are any unpaid accounts from prior Assignees at the property, then the account will not be assigned, and the billing must remain in the name of the owner until such time as the prior assigned account is paid in full.

Temporary Water Service: Temporary water service is available during times of property ownership transition. If you are interested in this service, plesae read the instructions and complete the acrobatTemporary Utility Service Application form.

Ending Service...

To discontinue service due to change in ownership or vacancy, please contact Customer Service during normal business hours at 760.955.5001.

Additional Water and Sanitation Service Information

Policies and Procedures Related to Service Initiation and Billing for Sanitation and Water Services in the City of Victorville and the Victorville Water District

The following policies and procedures have been established through the adoption of ordinances and resolutions by the City of Victorville City Council and the Victorville Water District Board of Directors.;

Delinquent Water and Sanitation Charges May Be Liened:  Water and sanitation fees which remain unpaid and delinquent for a period of 60 days or more can be secured as a lien against the property.  Prior to creating a lien, the City of Victorville/Victorville Water District (City/District) will notify owners of a public hearing where the proposed liens will be considered.  Liens which are not paid off by the end of the fiscal year will be added to the property taxes.   

Minimum Monthly Service Charge for Water:  Monthly service charges vary with the average daily consumption of water at the service location.  The Basic Rate is currently set at $16.50 per billing period for customers using from 0 to .17 Hundred Cubic Feet (HCF) per day of water during the billing period.  This charge covers the costs of providing and maintaining water lines to the service location and other fixed costs.  The minimum monthly service charge will continue to be billed, regardless of whether service has been shut off or is otherwise inactive at the service location. 

Arsenic Removal Facilities Surcharge:  Arsenic Removal Facilities Surcharge of $5.75 per water connection per month for Water Improvement District 2 customers (former Baldy Mesa Water District).  This charge covers the cost of bonds sold to build arsenic removal facilities in Water Improvement District 2.  The Arsenic Removal Facilities Surcharge is a monthly charge and will be billed out, even if water service is shut off or otherwise inactive at the service location.  

Tenant Move-Out/Revert to Owner:  If a tenant or other Assignee stops service, a new account will be established in the name of the owner.  The account will include the water minimum monthly service charge for all Water District customers, as well as the Arsenic Surcharge for District 2 customers.  Charges for sanitation fees will also be billed.  The bill will be sent to the owner until such time that the City/District receives notice and appropriate documentation to commence billing an Assignee or discontinue billing because the property has been sold to a new owner. Account establishment fees apply to initial account setup aws well as account revert to owner.  

Water Shut Off To Assignee Accounts—Revert To Owner:  If an Assignee account is shut off for non-payment, the account must be brought current within seven days of shut off in order for the account to remain in the Assignee’s name.  If the account is not brought current, then the account in the Assignee’s name will be closed.  Services will revert to the owner and a new account will be started in the owner’s name.  The new account will include monthly minimum water service charges, as well as the monthly arsenic removal surcharge (for properties in the former Baldy Mesa District) and sanitation fees, if the property is still occupied.  If an Assignee account is shut off for non-payment a second time, the Assignee account will immediately be closed and services will revert to the owner, and there shall be no further assignment of the account in the name of that Assignee.  Water service will not be reinstated until all past due amounts and other shut-off/reconnect fees have been paid. 

Deposits:  When water and/or sanitation utility service is applied for, the City/District will collect a deposit from the customer (currently in the amount of $120).  The deposit is held on the account until 12 consecutive on-time payments have been made, at which time the deposit will be applied to the account. 

Sanitation Service Required For All Occupied Premises:  The City provides solid waste collection service to all occupied premises.  Owners are required to initiate collection service within three days after a property is occupied.  If the owner fails to initiate service within three days, then the City may initiate the service, and the property owner of record per the San Bernardino County Assessor’s office will be billed. 

Notifications:  Occupants will be sent notifications when accounts become delinquent and/or water is scheduled to be shut off.  In addition, owners will be notified if/when delinquent balances could become liens.  Owners may also request that they receive copies of monthly bills for accounts that have been assigned to tenants or property management companies by completing and submitting the Request for Duplicate Bills

Mailing Address for Owner Notifications:  The City/District will use the address on file with the San Bernardino County Assessor’s office for the mailing of lien and shut off notices, mandatory sanitation start notices, etc.  We recommend that property owners make sure mailing information is up to date with the San Bernardino County Assessor’s Office.