Curbside Recycling Guidelines

Put all recyclables mixed together in your blue recycling container. Put the container out in the street, with the wheels up against the curb, by 6:00 am of your collection day. Place the container at least 2 feet away from your trash bin or any other obstructions like fire hydrants or cars.

If you have questions, call a City of Victorville Customer Service Representative at (760) 955-5001.
Make sure to check our Recycling Questions and Answers before you call.

Here's what the City will accept in the recycling bins:

  • Clean, Mixed Paper:
    - Newspapers, magazines
    - Junk mail, envelopes
    - Advertising inserts, catalogs, telephone books
    - Corrugated cardboard, computer paper, notebook paper
    - Paper tubes, paper bags, wrapping paper, packing paper
    - Old calendars, file folders, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, tissue boxes, etc.,

Do not recycle: Any paper that is soiled or wet.  No paper towels, tissues, napkins, diapers, paper plates, paper cups, waxed paper, and no photographs.

Bottles & Cans: (Please empty and rinse all cans and bottles.)
- Glass bottles and jars
- Tin and aluminum cans
- Metal lids from jars and cans
- Aluminum foil and food trays
- Plastic bottles, jars, tubs, or trays labeled #1 through #7

Do not recycle: Other “glass” items--light bulbs, dishes, window glass, Pyrex, etc. Also, no plastic toys, flower pots, tires, carpets. No gas cans or tanks. No scrap metal. No Plastic bags. No Styrofoam - even with #6 on it.

Beverage Containers (CRV)

- Glass bottles
- Aluminum cans
- Any plastic bottles (#1-#7) with CRV symbol 

Other Recycling Opportunities:
There’s more to recycling than just cans, bottles, and papers. If you would like information on how to recycle scrap metal, appliances, tires, or household items, or if you would like information on how to mulch your grass or compost, please call the City Recycling Program at 955-8615 or the Mojave Desert Recycling Info line at 1-888-URECYCLE.

Victor Valley Residents can also recycle items at the Victor Valley MRF and Buy Back Center. The MRF accepts TVs, computers, corrugated cardboard, and scrap metal, as well as mixed paper, bottles and cans. See the MRF page for more information.