Landfill Fees & Information

San Bernardino County provides solid waste disposal service at its Victorville Landfill facility. The Victorville Landfill is located at 18600 Stoddard Wells Road and is open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The landfill is operated by the County’s contractor, Athens Services

You can dispose of extra trash or clean-up debris from your home at the landfill. There is a fee to dump this material at the landfill.


Landfill Fees

The fees(effective July 1, 2014) to dispose of trash at the Victorville Landfill, and all County disposal sites are:

  • $13.39 for up to 300 pounds of residential waste
  • $59.94 per ton for residential waste over 300 pounds
  • $113.08 per ton for waste requiring special handling
  • Tires--$5.31 each for up to 9 tires.

Note: Unsecured/uncovered loads are subject to an additional charge that doubles your disposal fee, so make sure you “cover your load before you hit the road!”



Free Dump Day at the County's Victorville landfill has been discontinued by the County.

Call San Bernardino County Solid Waste Management Division at 1-800-722-8004 or 909-386-8701 for more information on the County’s landfills.

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