Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

As a member of the City’s CERT – as well as your own neighborhood CERT – you will be expected to provide assistance in major disasters, especially those where first responders (fire department, paramedics, police, etc.) are unable to respond. If such a disaster occurs, your first responsibility will be to make sure you and your family is safe. After that, and depending on the nature of the event, you will either work out from your home (or wherever you are at the time) taking care of neighbors or you will report to a staging area for further instruction.

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CERT Questions and Answers

  • What is CERT?
  • What is the purpose of CERT?
    To train members of the community to know what to do before, during and after an emergency.
  • Where did CERT originate?
    The Los Angeles Fire Department founded the CERT program to enlist members of the community to prepare for action during major emergencies.
  • Who does CERT serve?
    CERT members are trained to help themselves, family and their neighbors during times of crisis.
  • Who is the guiding group for CERT?
    The federal agency, FEMA, is the official sanctioning body for CERT. FEMA provides a wealth of printed information for classes, and train the people who teach the local CERT classes.

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Independent FEMA Training

You can take FEMA independent study courses online, from the convenience of your home or office computer.


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