Reporting Code Violations

To register a complaint:

  • call the Code Enforcement Department:
  • or complete and mail our Violation Report form.

You will have to provide us with your name and a contact number. All of your contact and submitted information is kept confidential.

After you have submitted a complaint, it takes 3-5 days (on average) for a Code Enforcement officer to investigate unless it is determined to be an urgent safety violation.

Answers to Questions You May Have

  • Do I need to be present during an Officer’s inspection?
    Depending on the case. The Code Enforcement Division will notify you if you need to be present or not.
  • How do I follow up on an Officer inspection?
    Call the Code Enforcement Division at 760.955.5104 and ask for an update.
  • What action is taken to ensure the party complies?
    Notification letters will be sent out. If no response, then Notice of Pendency process begins.