Animal Control Questions & Answers

  • Why should I license my dog?
    Victorville Municipal Code 7.04.050 requires that all dogs over the age of four months be licensed. In order to protect the general health, safety and welfare of all persons within the City and in addition to the rabies control laws contained in the California State Health and Safety Code by enforcing licensing we are ensuring rabies vaccinations.

    If your dog is licensed and becomes lost, having their current license tag on guarantees a phone call to the owner. It is very important to keep our office updated with address and phone number changes.

    You do not need to bring your dog in to get licensed, just the rabies certificate and the sterility certificate if it applies. Learn more about dog licenses...
  • Are cats required to be licensed?
    No, cat licensing is strictly voluntary. We do encourage people to license their cats so that they can be returned if picked up wearing their license.
  • I live in Spring Valley Lake and have a problem with a neighbor’s dog?
    The City of Victorville has no jurisdiction in the Spring Valley Lake or Mountain View areas area of Victorville. These are considered the County areas of Victorville and you must contact San Bernardino County Animal Control at 1-800-472-5609.
  • If my animal is missing where do I go to look for it?
    All animals picked up within the City limits of Victorville are taken to the Victor Valley Animal Protective League (Apple Valley Shelter) on a daily basis, Tuesday through Friday. They are located at 21779 Zuni Rd., Apple Valley, CA (760) 247-2102.
  • How many dogs and/or cats can I have?
    Victorville Municipal Code 7.04.065 Dog Limitations, states no more than three dogs or cats can be maintained upon a single residential property.
  • Can I have goats and chickens on my property?
    Zoning regulations dictate in what areas of Victorville non-household pets can be maintained, currently the City only has two such areas. No lots smaller than half acre in size can house any non-household pets.
  • How do your spay/neuter vouchers work?
    A LIMITED number of Spay/Neuter vouchers may be available for dogs licensed in the City of Victorville at this time.  Contact Animal Control at (760) 955-5089 for details.
  • What can be done about barking dogs?
    Victorville Municipal Code Section 13.02.070 provides:

    "The keeping or harboring of any animal, bird or fowl which emits any sound or cry which disturbs or may reasonably be presumed or expected to disturb the peace, comfort or repose of the residents of the neighborhood in which the animal, bird or fowl is located or kept, is a nuisance."

    We realize the annoyance that a barking dog in the neighborhood can cause and, of course, we are available to assist you with its correction. We also realize that dogs do bark from time to time for a variety of reasons.

    We have developed a procedure that we feel will work effectively to solve the problem. However, please be advised that certain legal procedures must be followed. Also, be advised that you and others siding with you regarding your complaint must be willing to appear and give testimony in any legal proceedings. In addition, the dog owner must be afforded due process in any such legal proceedings.

    The criminal process may not be the best solution or the most expeditious manner in solving the barking problem. Therefore, we strongly encourage citizens to make every attempt to resolve the problem through personal contact with the dog owner. An alternate remedy would be for the victim to file a civil court action on their own behalf in an attempt to receive a restraining order through the Municipal Court.