Building Services

Building services are provided by the City of Victorville Development Department. Development Department combines all operations related to building, inspection, planning, and code enforcement under the building/housing codes within the City of Victorville.

In general, all permitted projects follow the same process:

  1. Obtain the proper permit for the job. You can find a list of projects requiring a permit on the Permit Info page.
  2. Prepare plans for the job according to the building standards for the city.
  3. Have the plans reviewed and approved by the Development Department.
  4. Calculate and pay the appropriate development fees
  5. Construct the project according to the approved plans
  6. Have the construction inspected and approved by the Development Department.

Answers to Questions You May Have

  • What types of construction require permits?
    Many projects require permits. See the Permit Process page for a list.
  • What fees are associated with my project? How much will the fees be?
    Fees depend on the type and size of your project. See the Fee Schedule page for information and tools to help you estimate the fees for your project.
  • What are the steps in obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy?
    The steps are outlined (along with a checklist and telephone numbers) in our brochure: Business License and Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Where can I get the forms that I need?
    You can get forms from the Development Department offices in City Hall, or you can download them from the Form Library.

Useful Resources

The Development department has put together several informational brochures. All brochures are in Acrobat pdf format.

  • Touchtone Permits Guide
    The City of Victorville uses Touchtone Permits, an automated telephone service. With Touchtone Permits, you can schedule inspections, cancel inspections, get inspection results, and check plan review status 24/7. This guide provides all of the information and phone numbers you'll need to get started.
  • Miscellaneous Permits Application and Inspection Guidelines
    This handy guide can help you through the permit process for: re-roofing, installing walls or fences, electric meter upgrading, and gas-line air test.
    This guide includes basic directions for using Touchtone Permits.
  • Owner/Builder Alert
    If you are considering being your own general contractor, read this warning.
  • Victorville Community Contacts
    Here is a handy list of contact numbers for Victorville and the local community.