Victorville Military Banner Program

Recognizing the outstanding commitment and sacrifice from our men and women in uniform, the Victorville City Council voted unanimously to honor all Victorville residents serving in presidential decreed war zones.

Each soldier who calls Victorville home will be recognized on banners hung from light posts starting in front of Victorville City Hall, along Civic Drive. Priority will be given to Victorville soldiers currently serving in a war zone. As the program continues the banners will be placed throughout the city, featuring the soldier’s name and branch of service.

“They are our heroes and this is their home,” says Councilmember Rudy Cabriales, who proposed the resolution. “It’s about time we do something in their honor.”
If you have a loved one who is serving in a war zone and would like a banner dedicated to them, please call the City of Victorville Public Information Department at 760-955-3306.

If you would like to make a pledge to contribute towards the funds you may contact the Public Information Department at 760-955-3306. We hope to raise enough funds so that all of the military servicepersons from Victorville may be represented.

Our Current Banner Soldiers

Patrick Jon Palacios – Marines
Richard E. Robledo _ Army National Guard
Garrett C. Stevens - Army
Stephen E. Romero - Army
Andrew Porter - Army
Michael Lunk - Army
Brandon R. Salazar - Army
Jeremy R. Salazar - Army
Aaron T. Mendoza - Army
Winston S. Churchill - Army
Manuel T. Ballon - Marines
Alejandro R. Castillo - Air Force
John J. Salazar - Army Reserves
Joe Blex - Marines
Anthony R. Salazar - Army
Eddie Anthony Cruz - Army
Yvette Marie Sanchez - Air Force
Ashley Scott - Air Force
Ben Ford - Army
Robert Blass - Marines
Derek Walters - Marines
James M. Stemm - Army
Adrian Sanchez - Army
Eric S. Zuniga - Army
Mario Spinelli - Army
Ralph Spinelli - Army
Michael J. Campos Jr. - Army
Enrique Ramos - Navy
Giovanni Galagac - Navy
Lisa Marie Bringhurst - Army
Sergio Mendoza - Navy
Sal Vargas - Navy
Darrin Brown - Navy
Daniel Richard De Rose - Navy
David Parker - Army
Lisa Rey - Navy
Bill H. Neelans II - Navy
Kristopher J. Shelton - Marines
Anthony Buscemi - Army
Khristine Tamisin - Army
David Villareal - Army
Nicholas Coughlin - Marines
Paul Carranza - Marines
Dean Likiardopoulos - Navy
Jose A. Rojas - Marines
Mike Theide - Navy
Kevin J. Marlo - Army
Robert M. Swindle - Army
Randy C. Blex - Army
Mehran Farahmand - Army
Richard C. Bebb - Army
Indy R. Bell - Marines
Jaime L. Valasquez - Air Force
Tim J. Casper - Marines
Isaac A. Soto - Marines
Andrew Nathaniel Berndt - Marines
Bradley K. Petersen - Army
Conrad Astorga - Army
Emmanuel Macias - Marines 








































Banner Sponsors

Thank you to our most recent sponsors:

 Luis Valenzuela

Desert Valley Medical Group

Jim Kennedy

The Caranza Family

Ryan McEachron Charitable Foundation

BLUESTAR Properties

St. Mary Medical Center 

Applied Maintenance Supplies & Solutions

Paulina's Mexican Restaurant


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