Benefit Everyone, Assist Recreation & Sports

MISSION: “BENEFIT EVERYONE, ASSIST RECREATION & SPORTS is a nonprofit public benefit corporation organized to aid, sponsor, promote, advance and assist in the provision of public parks, facilities and recreation by receiving, investing and utilizing funds acquired through fund-raisers, donations, grants, gifts, bequests and other solicitations.”

INTRODUCTION: Most nonprofit organizations are formed by individuals who identify a need and believe that by fulfilling this need they can make a difference. This is why B.E.A.R.S. was formed. The purpose for creating a nonprofit organization was to help the City of Victorville Community Services Department:

  • Solicit funds in support of facilities, programs and services.
  • Offer a tax deduction to donors for contributions.
  • Apply for grants that are not available to government agencies.
  • Create a community-based advocacy group.

HISTORY: Prominent Victorville residents, Doris Davies and her husband Cliff, along with the assistance of some of their friends, had started a nonprofit association called “Benefit Ball Games” in 1984 to raise funds to assist children through purchases of equipment for schools and parks. Their association purchased bleachers, backstops, drinking fountains, and playground equipment for various schools and parks throughout Victorville over the next 20 years.

During that time, it had always been a desire of the City of Victorville Community Services Department to start a “Friends of Parks & Recreation” group similar to those in the Cities of Long Beach and Santa Cruz.

In 2004, Doris and representatives from the City got together to discuss the possibility of the City taking over her nonprofit association. She was eager to assist. The plan was to incorporate “Benefit Ball Games” and change the name to “Benefit Everyone, Assist Recreation & Sports”, which had the acronym “B.E.A.R.S.” in order to continue Doris’ legacy in the new nonprofit corporation (Doris had been a long time volunteer baseball, softball and t-ball coach and had always taken on the team name “Bad News Bears”.)

By November 2004, plans for the new nonprofit corporation were presented to the City Council and each member appointed an individual to establish the board of directors for the new nonprofit group. This would be the only time that the City Council would be involved as it is the intention of the City, as well as, the B.E.A.R.S., to develop a clear and strong independent community identity.

In 2006, the B.E.A.R.S. raised over $60,000 for their first project - the purchase and installation of LifeTrail Wellness Stations, a walking path, drinking fountains and park benches for Hook Park.

History of the Bicycle Giveaway Program  

PURPOSE OF NONPROFIT STATUS: The specific purpose for attaining nonprofit status and a 501(c)(3) tax exemption, is to be able to offer businesses, community groups, and individuals the opportunity to contribute or assist in raising funds to expand recreational opportunities, to increase programs and services, and to provide a vehicle for the development of new parks and the refurbishing of older parks throughout the City.

LIABILITY ISSUES: Due to liability concerns, sponsorship is limited to only City of Victorville sponsored programs, services and facilities.

HANDLING OF FUNDS: All funds raised through B.E.A.R.S. are to be deposited in the B.E.A.R.S. checking account at Desert Community Bank and are to be used for the purpose for which the funds were raised.


Janie Lynch
Recreation Manager
Telephone: (760) 951-3812
Fax: (760) 951-3804
14973 Joshua Street
Victorville, CA 92394-0806