Street Sweeping

Street sweeping duties include, but are not limited to the sweeping and cleaning of city streets and rights of way. Personnel must respond to emergency calls (including evenings and weekends) for cleanup of material spills, traffic accidents, and runway and taxiway (Southern California Logistics Airport) cleanup, as well as service for parades and other special functions.

Street sweeper vehicles travel at a rate of four to seven miles per hour depending upon the amount of debris to be cleaned. During Fiscal Year 2010/2011, the street sweeper operators cleaned approximately 17,700 miles of streets, removing about 2,777 tons of dirt and trash. Refuse is stockpiled, dried, and screened using a front-end loader and shaker screen, which sifts trash from the sweepings. The trash is loaded into a dump truck for disposal, while the sifted sand is hauled to American Organics for recycling.

Street Sweep