Employee Benefits

SALARY: Full-time employees typically start at Step 1 of the salary range. Part-time employees do not receive benefits or merit increases and are typically hired at an hourly equivalent to the first step of the salary range. 

VACATION: Paid vacation is based on years of service: 80 hours for 0-5 years; 120 hours for 6-10 years; 160 hours for 11-15 years; 200 hours for 16+ years effective July 1, 2015.  

SICK LEAVE: 87 hours of paid sick leave per year including a sick leave pay back program upon resignation with five years of service.  

HOLIDAYS: 10 paid holidays plus 2 floating holidays for eligible full-time employees. 

MEDICAL/DENTAL/VISION INSURANCE: Available for full-time employees and their eligible dependents. 

AFLAC: Voluntary accident, cancer, and hospitalization coverage available to interested full-time employees. 

457 DEFERRED COMPENSATION PLAN: Available to interested full time employees.   

457 ROTH PLAN: Available to interested full time employees

LIFE INSURANCE: City-paid benefit for full-time employees equivalent to one times annual salary. Additional voluntary supplemental life, spouse and child life insurance coverage is available to be paid by the employee.  

RETIREMENT: For employees hired on or after January 1, 2013, Public Employees Retirement system contributions will be implemented according to Assembly Bill 340, Pension reform.  Classic member’s formula: 2.5% @55/ New member’s formula:  2% @62. Effective July 1, 2015, employees pay CalPERS 8% employee contribution. The City does not participate in the Social Security program. Part-time employees are provided a supplemental retirement program under the deferred compensation program.  The City is required to participate in the Medicare Program and contributes a matching 1.45% of salary.       

SHORT TERM DISABILITY: Employee paid post-tax benefit provides 60% of salary after more than seven days of disability. 

LONG TERM DISABILITY: City-paid benefit provides 66.6% of salary after 90 days of ongoing disability. 

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: City-paid benefit provided for all full-time employees and their eligible dependents.