Fire Department Museum

The Victorville Fire Department Museum displays the culture and rich history of the Victorville Fire Department.  The museum is dedicated to the herioc firefighters who valiantly served the residents and businesses of Victorville.  Museum staff have spent countless hours remodeling and preserving Fire Station No. 1 and the many artifacts contained within.  They've created an interesting and telling display of the evolution of the Victorville Fire Department.  Many artifacts date from the 1930’s and include two antique fire engines used in Victorville during the first half of the century. The collection is sure to pique your interest and is educational for all.

Apparatus and artifacts are constantly undergoing restoration and preservation. The Museum collection has been obtained from past members of the Victorville Fire Department, Southdown Cement Company, and private Victorville Collections.

The Museum’s mission is to educate the public about the importance of fire and life safety and the history of the fire service. Fire historians, fire buffs, visiting firefighters, and the general public are encouraged to visit.  The Victorville Museum houses an extensive collection of old photographs, documents, certificates, journals, protective gear, and news stories.

Admission to the Museum is FREE.  We invite you to become a member of the Museum’s Historical Society. Your donations are always welcome!