City Government

Victorville is a charter city.

Click here to view the Charter for the City of Victorville

The City operates with a council-manager form of government, where the council appoints a City Manager who administers the daily operations of city government. The City Council also appoints a City Attorney who is responsible for advising the Council on legal issues affecting Victorville.

Answers to Questions You May Have

  • When are City Council Meetings?
    Meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 6pm.
  • How do I get an item placed on the City Council Agenda?
    Only the City Councilmembers, City Manager, and Department Heads have the authority to place items on the City Council agenda.
  •  How do I receive copies of the Council agendas?
    There are two ways to receive copies of City Council agendas:
    - go to the council agenda page of the web site
    - provide a supply of self-addressed, stamped envelopes and your mailing address to the City Clerk and they will mail a copy of the agenda (without attachments).
  • How can I address the Council concerning an agenda item?
    Before the beginning of the Council meeting, complete a speaker card and return it to the City Clerk. The speaker cards are kept with the official record of the City Council meeting and are used if the City Council or staff needs to contact you at a later date.
  • How do I express my concern for an item not on the agenda?
    Before the beginning of the Council meeting, complete a speaker card and return it to the City Clerk. You will be allowed to speak during the Public Comment period.

    Every City Council agenda provides time for a Public Comment period. This is your opportunity to address the Council on any subject matter that is within the jurisdiction of the City Council and that does not appear as a regular agenda item. The City Council is not permitted (by law) to take any action on issues raised during the Public Comment period, but it may refer matters to the staff for response or official action at a future date.
  • How do I run for City Council?
    City Council elections are held in November of even-numbered years and are consolidated with the Statewide General Election. The nomination period for candidates running for a City Council seat begins in mid-July and concludes in mid-August. Please contact the City Clerk at 760.955.5026 for additional details and requirements of running for office.
  • How do you get a copy of a City Ordinance?
    All city ordinances are in the municipal code. The Victorville Municipal code is available online at:
    The online document is fully indexed and searchable.
  • Where do I register to vote?
    Voter registration forms are available in the City Clerk's office. The forms are postage-paid and can mailed, or returned to the Registrar of Voters office in San Bernardino.