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Job Openings

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The City of Victorville is accepting applications for the following positions:

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Future Recruitments

 Department  position


Recruitments Recently Closed

 Community Services  Recreation Leader I
 VMUS  Director of Electric Utility Services
 Engineering  Equipment Operator
 Fire  Battalion Chief
 Airport   Airport Operations and Facilities Manager
 Fire  Fire Engineer 
 Fire  Firefighter/Paramedic
 VMUS  Electric Distribution Specialist
 Community Services  Aquatic Aide
 Community Services  Lifeguard
 Community Services   Sr. Lifeguard
 Development   Homelessness Solutions Coordinator
 Engineering  Traffic Signal Maintenance Technician
 Community Services  Maintenance Worker
 Community Services  Maintenance Aide Parks
 Community Services  Seasonal Recreation Leader I
 Community Services  Seasonal Library Aide
Community Services  Water Conservation Specialist
 Community Services
 Sr Maintenance Worker
 Public Works  Vehicle Service Worker
 VMUS  Director of Utilities                          

Positions Recently Filled

 Department  position
 Fire  Fire Engineer
 Administrative Services  Finance Specialist/Technician
 Administrative Services  Finance Supervisor
 Development   Animal Control Officer
 Public Works  Vehicle Service Worker
 Fire   Emergency Services Coordinator
 Administrative Services  Sr Account Clerk
 Administrative Services  Technology Coordinator
 Community Services  Community Services Coordinator
 Community Services  Library Clerk
 Community Services   Recreation Specialist 
 Community Services   Sr. Recreation Leader 
 Economic Development   Marketing Technician
 Engineering   Survey Technician
 Fire  Fire Engineer 
 Fire   Fire Captain
 Fire   Firefighter/Paramedic
 Public Works  Sr Equipment Operator
 Public Works  Sr Mechanic
 Public Works-Water  Electrical Technician Assistant 
 Public Works-Water  Water Supply Lead Operator
 VMUS  Utility Distribution Supervisor
 Administrative Services  Accountant 
 Administrative Services  Customer Service Representative
 Administrative Services  Finance Analyst
 Administrative Services  Finance Manager
 Administrative Services  GIS Technician
 City Manager's Office  City Clerk
 City Manager's Office  Office Assistant
 Community Services  City Librarian
 Community Services  Maintenance Worker
 Community Services  Recreation Manager
 Community Services  Recreation Supervisor
 Community Services  Seasonal Aquatic Aide
 Community Services  Seasonal Lifeguard
 Community Services  Seasonal Recreation Leader I
 Community Services  Seasonal Sr Lifeguard
 Community Services  Secretary
 Community Services  Water Conservation Specialist
 Development  Building Inspector
 Development  Code Enforcement Officer
 Development  Enforcement Manager
 Development  Maintenance Worker
 Economic Development  Airport Operations & Maintenance Manager
 Economic Development  Marketing Specialist
 Engineering  Assistant Engineer I
 Engineering  Assistant Engineer II
 Engineering  Engineering Lead Worker
 Engineering  Engineering Specialist
 Engineering  Maintenance Worker
 Engineering  Sr Maintenance Worker
 Engineering  Sign Technician
 Engineering  Sign Traffic Signal Maintenance Technician
 Engineering  Traffic Maintenance Supervisor
 Fire  Division Chief
 Fire  Fire Chief
 Fire  Battalion Chief
 Public Works  Equipment Operator
 Public Works  Maintenance Lead Worker
 Public Works  Maintenance Worker
 Public Works  PW Manager
 Public Works  Sr Maintenance Lead Worker
 Public Works  Sr Maintenance Worker
 Public Works-Water  Line Locator
 Public Works-Water  Sr Water Supply Lead Operator
 Public Works-Water  Sr Water Supply Operator
 Public Works-Water  Sr Water Distribution Worker
 Public Works-Water  Water Distribution Supervisor
 Public Works-Water  Water Distribution Lead Worker
 Public Works-Water  Water Distribution Worker
 Public Works-Water-Eng  Administrative Secretary

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