A Guide to High Desert Landscaping

poppiesWe have all been drawn to the High Desert because of its quality of life. The environment is beautiful and delicate. As High Desert residents, preserving our quality of life means protecting our local environment, helping each other to understand it, and being responsive to the special conditions of our beautiful area.

Your local water agency is a part of the High Desert community. As a part of that community we see our responsibility as helping local residents to achieve this goal in a practical way. A key to meeting this goal is to manage and conserve our water resources, using them wisely so they will serve generations to come.

The materials in this web handbook are a guide to designing, planting, and maintaining attractive and water efficient landscapes. These techniques, combined with the right plant materials, can create landscapes which work for homes, businesses and public areas.

Your active use of this information will help you save water, maintenance time, and landscaping dollars. It will help preserve our precious water resources and create a more attractive community for us all.

  • A Guide to High Desert Landscaping (29MB Acrobat pdf)
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