A Message from Councilman Bob Hunter

Hunter SMChanging Attitudes About Water 
Many of us chose to move here to the High Desert for the beautiful sunsets, wide-open spaces, and opportunity. As we've changed our latitude so to speak, we also need to change our attitude when it comes water issues.

Like so many Desert transplants, I once lived in areas where grassy lawns were abundant and bougainvilleas thrived. While I enjoy a beautiful lawn and lush plants, I recognized my change in latitude also required a change in attitude about landscaping.

Did you know that approximately 70 percent of all household water usage is used for landscaping and irrigation purposes? That's a lot of water. While we currently have ample water to meet our needs, I'm concerned about the future and I know you are too. We need to make sure we have enough water for our children and their children.

That's why I urged the City Council to approve the formation the Water Management Ad-Hoc Committee. This committee is made-up of representatives from a variety of water agencies. We meet to discuss ways we can work together to help conserve water and ensure we will have enough water to meet our needs today and tomorrow.

It is my hope that you visited this website to find out how you can help to conserve water. This site provides information on the City of Victorville's new water ordinance, committee meeting times, activities, landscaping information and links to other helpful sites.

Thank you for your interest. I hope I can count on you to conserve our water resources.

Bob Hunter Sig