Public Works Department

It is the mission of the Public Works Department to be an integral part of our community by improving the quality of life through the use of the best management practices for maintaining the City’s infrastructure.

Our emphasis is on the delivery of these services to facilitate both economic and fiscal responsibility. This is accomplished through a team of dedicated public works professionals who provide superior customer assistance by the timely, efficient, and effective delivery of public services.

These core elements reflect the Department's ongoing commitment to preserving and enhancing the quality of life in the City of Victorville. A professional staff led by the Public Works and Water Division Head, Doug Mathews, manages the delivery of services.

Here is a brief overview of each division:

  • Fleet Division
    The Fleet Division manages the maintenance, repair, and replacement of City vehicles and heavy equipment assigned to the City’s Fleet Division, which include maintenance for Police Department and Water Department vehicles. With over 780 vehicles/equipment that must be maintained, the division uses efficient preventative maintenance schedules to extend the longevity of the vehicles/equipment and to improve performance and safety levels.
  • Street Maintenance Division
    • Asphalt Repair Section
      The Asphalt Repair section of the Street Maintenance Division performs pothole repair, pavement patching, overlays, and slurry seals to lengthen the life span of the roadway system while attempting to maintain a safe passageway for vehicles through City roadways. During the Fiscal Year 2015, the Asphalt Repair Section repaired 1,055 lane miles.  
    • Landscape, Drainage, and Maintenance Assessment Districts
      The Landscape, Drainage, and Maintenance Assessment Districts are responsible for perpetual maintenance of special benefit landscape areas throughout the City.
    • Concrete Repair Section
      The Concrete Repair Section of the Street Maintenance Division maintains and repairs concrete infrastructure throughout the City. Inspections of concrete curbs, gutters, driveway approaches, sidewalks, catch basins, handicap ramps, and cross gutters are performed on a routine basis.
    • Graffiti Abatement
      During Fiscal Year 2015, the Graffiti crew removed over 236,329 square feet of graffiti, requiring over 503 gallons of paint used for the removal of graffiti from 5,687 locations.
  • Sanitary/Drainage and Rights of Way Division
    Sewer maintenance includes the repair and cleaning of the sanitary sewer and storm collection systems in order to accommodate their designed capacity and to prevent stoppages and backups.
  • Street Sweeping
    Street Sweeping duties include, but are not limited to the sweeping and cleaning of city streets and rights of way.
  • Weed Abatement Division
    Provides spraying and removal of weeds and trash from the public rights-of-way. The Weed Abatement Section of the Street Maintenance Division provides spraying and removal of weeds and trash from the public rights-of-way by removing hundreds of tons of material, debris, and waste dumped within the streets of Victorville. Property owners should be aware that illegal dumping is a misdemeanor and a violation of the California Vehicle Code.
  • Municipal Utilities Division
    The Municipal Utilities division, also known as Victorville Municipal Utility Services (VMUS), provides electrical and natural gas services for commercial and industrial customers at the Foxborough Industrial Park and the Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA).

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