Zoning Administrator Meeting 

July 18, 2018 Click here for more information 

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The Planning Division is the first stop for prospective businesses, builders, developers, and homeowners inquiring about the requirements and standards for new development or new businesses within the City of Victorville.  The Planning Division regulates the use of land, including permitted or prohibited land uses and development standards such as setbacks and building height through allowances provided by State Planning, Zoning and Development Laws.  Also included in the Planning Division responsibilities are the adoption and maintenance of the General Plan, which is intended to be the City's blueprint for the future and its long range physical development, which includes elements such as land use, circulation, housing, and safety. 

The General Plan is implemented through the Development Code (Municipal Code - Title 16), and the City's Zoning Map, which together combine to create the requirements and standards that guide development  and land use. The Development Code's standards are enforced in various ways, from approving a land use associated with a business license to ensuring new development meets minimum development standards and does not pose a threat to the health, safety an welfare to the City or its  residents.

From the mandates of the General Plan and the Development Code, the Planning Division is involved in the following activities:


  • Serving as staff to City Council and Planning Commission, including interpretation and explanation of the various Title 16 requirement and standards
  • Maintaining, amending, and administering the Development Code by:


  1. Conducting and managing Pre-Submittal conferences, which provide initial feedback and comments regarding development standards, building elevations, land use standards, etc. free of charge;  

  2. Processing and analyzing project applications (e.g. Site Plans, Conditional Use Permits, Tentative Tracts) for approval administratively, or by the Planning Commission and/or City Council;  

  3. Reviewing and issuing various permits for temporary use such as:  garage sales, car washes, special events, parking lot sales, etc.;

  4. Answering questions of the public on phones and at the public counter on the noted activities, as well as dispensing zoning and land use information.

  • Preparing and processing environmental compliance documents for public and private projects pursuant to the California Environment Quality Act (CEQA) and/or determining applicability of CEQA and its exemptions relating to a projects potential effects on the environment.

  • Maintaining, amending, and administering long range planning updates to various documents such as the General Plan, Zoning Map, Specific Plan, Planned Unit Developments, etc.;

  • Reviewing and evaluating proposed changes to State law related to the above as to their impact on the City;

  • Reviewing materials from and corresponding with regional and State agencies on City activities [e.g., Southern California Associated Governments (SCAG), San Bernardino Association of Governments (SANBAG), Mojave Desert Air Quality Control District (MDAQMD), Mojave Water Agency (MWA), Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board, Office of Planning and Research, California Department of Transportation

The following links provide additional information on various items listed above:

City of Victorville General Plan

The Development Code (Title 16 of the Victorville Municipal Code)

Official Zoning Map

Climate Action Plan (Draft)

Interactive Zoning Map

Applications & Forms


Development Activity

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